What is Audialink? How will it change the music industry?

Audialink - A world of possibilities.

What is Audialink? To some it’s a lifesaver, and to others it’s the beginning of something special. The Audialink platform was created to utilize the internet for good and bring those in the music industry together in one place. Think of it as a one stop networking hub for Artists and Producers, Record Labels, Bands, Event Organizers and many more. Someone in the music industry trying to find a vocalist or mastering house could spend days sending messages to various social media accounts in hopes of getting a reply – well look no further…Audialink is the platform you need to connect with these people.

Not everyone on social media is there to network with other artists – studies have shown that 75% of musicians on social media use those platforms to promote their own music. In an effort to connect the music industry, users who sign up to Audialink will benefit from knowing that everyone on the platform shares a common goal – networking.

Whether you’re looking to get in touch with a label you have been searching for, or hunting down the best tuition for your personal knowledge, Audialink can help you find what you need with just a few clicks. One site that had an untapped amount of contacts, imagine the musical possibilities – country guitarists playing alongside Jazz pianists – you can make that link here.

Offering members discounts from key music advertisers, Audialink brings something more to the table – a sleek, passion driven platform for all who call music their one true love.

The founder of Audialinks devotion to music drove him to create more than a social media platform by offering users a world with endless musical possibilities and the opportunity to make links across the globe.  Get started today and see just how far Audialink can take you!


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