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Terms & Conditions of Audialink.

Please read all terms and conditions relating to the use of Audialink.

Audialink Terms of Use

Welcome to Audialink, a service provided by Reason 2 Limited We are referred as (“Audialink”, “we” “our”, or “us”). These Terms of Use govern your use of and (together, the “Website”),

These Terms of Use constitute a legally binding agreement (the “Agreement”) between the end user “you” and Audialink in relation to your use of the Website, Apps and Services (together, the “Platform”).


Acceptance of Terms of Use

Please read and understand our Terms of Use  and Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to any of the provisions set out in those documents, you should not use the Website, Apps or any of the Services. By accessing or using the Platform, registering an account, or by viewing, accessing, linking any information or content from or to the Platform, you represent and warrant that you have read and understood the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Audialink has drawn up Community Guidelines that you will also abide by, and that you are either 18 years of age or more, or you are 13 years of age or more and have your parent(s)’ or legal guardian(s)’ permission to use the Platform.

Description of Audialink

Audialink is an interactive social media service designed for everyone in the music industry. Registered users of the Audialink platform may submit, upload and text, photos, pictures, graphics, comments, and other content, data or information (“Content”), which will be stored by Audialink at the direction of such registered users, and may be shared and distributed by such registered users, and other users of the Platform.

Your Audialink Content

Audialink is a social media platform designed to bring those in the music industry together. It is not nor will not be a platform for promotion of personal content. Any and all text, photos, pictures, graphics, comments, and other content, data or information that you upload, store, transmit, submit, exchange or make available to or via Audialink (hereinafter “Your Content”) is generated, owned and controlled solely by you, and not by Audialink.

End users must not upload, store, distribute, send, transmit, display, perform, make available or otherwise communicate to the public any Content to which you do not hold the necessary rights. Any users promoting personal mixes, Soundcloud links, Mixcloud links etc, may result in termination of your access to Audialink.

Your Audialink Profile

When you register to use Audialink, you are required to give us your email address, and prompted to choose a username and password for your account. You must ensure that the email address that you provide is, and remains, valid. Your email address and any other information you chose to provide about yourself will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to remove accounts as determined by us in our sole discretion, and may, with or without prior notice, suspend or terminate your account if activities occur on that account which, in our sole discretion, would or might constitute a violation of Audialink’s basic Terms and Conditions, or an infringement or violation of the rights of any third party, or of any applicable laws or regulations.

All Audialink members have the right to delete an account at any time in which all profile information will be removed from Audialink servers.

Blocking and Removal of Content

Audialink reserves the right to block, remove or delete any Content at any time, and to limit or restrict access to any Content, for any reason and without liability, including without limitation,


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