How Audialink started, and where we intend to take it.

Audialinks conception:

As a long time musician one of the hardest things I found growing up in an Australian town was how to connect with people in the music industry. After spending endless hours searching forums and websites, I realized there were no platforms that brought musicians together in one place. Audialink started as an idea in 2010 as a frustrated musician who tried to contact record label after record label, and vocalist after vocalist on every social media platform possible.

Nowadays musicians understand the limitations of standard social media networks. In a time of promotion and publicity, most accounts are automated – “Send a friend request and wait… Send 30 messages and hope for a response” – the truth is it’s a demoralizing experience. With the music industry still struggling, we have seen the value of music drop as digital piracy has come into play, and with digital download stores and now streaming sites, it has become increasingly difficult as a musician to make links in this industry.

After making a move overseas, I began to realize the value of creating the Audialink platform. While discussing the project with a business partner I decided it was time to get the ball rolling, and Audialink was born.  Development started taking place and very quickly the platform began to come to life.

The goal with Audialink is to bring people together from all sides of the globe who are involved in the music industry. If you are a guitarist looking for a band, recording studio, or someone to sing over your music, Audialink can help.

We here at Audialink wanted to go one step further by offering discounts to our members from our music orientated advertisers. No scams or gimmicks, just quality deals for everything relating to music.

As we look to make the internet a positive experience for all those in the music industry, your Audialink starts here!


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