Audialink Artist Spotlight Vrank en Vrij.

Each month Audialink shines a spotlight on an Artist from within Audialink to showcase their skills and tools of the trade.

Vrank en Vrij:

Vrank & Vrij is a production & live duo from Gent, Belgium. Tech house, UK Garage.

Vrank & Vrij is Will Collins and Nashua. Will Collins started out as a drum ‘n’ bass dj. Playing together with the legendary Belgian Millenium Krew (Star Warz parties in Belgium) for many years. This technical very skilled guy has been into music for all his life. He fell in love with house music and started a new challenge. He combines a high level of dj skills with a high level of technical skills.

Nashua on the other hand started out as a UK funky, Chicago and jackin’ house dj alongside Erik Bo from France. Played parties like WMC Miami and in clubs like Chalet Berlin, Rainbow Club Birmingham, Magasine Lille, Decadance Gent and many more. After that he had some amazing years in the progressive scene. After that he found a new challenge with tech house.

Nashua was owner of Meltin Funk Records and organised parties for many years.

In 2014 they founded Vrank & Vrij Productie. With a first release in 2016 on Pushing Trolleys (Au). With 4 more releases in spring 2016 they are working hard in the studio. Summer of 2016 you will see the first live set of the two. Only future will tell…..

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For us Audialink is a platform that gets here right on time. With social media these days you can reach a lot of people to listen to your music but it is still very difficult to find and easy reach booking managements, organisations etc. Also we were struggling to find our way into the thousands of messages about what people had for dinner, did after work and all thing people do. This is excactly were Audialink can be the place to go to when you need to reach people working professional with or/and around music.

Audialink gives you the perfect spot to find out more about any troubles along the way while producing, organising, etc. All perfectly divided into clear sections about what you need. Audialink is here to stay! With love, Vrank & Vrij

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