Audialink helps your business promote to musicians directly.

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Main page advertising gets your business positioned directly in front of the entire Audialink network, giving you a target audience every minute of every day. Audialink is designed for anyone in the music industry, which guarantees your ad is reaching the people you want.  Main page group offers both header and footer adverts capped at a maximum of 3 ads each month.

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Category Group advertising is designed for marketing to people in your direct industry. If you are a mastering house using CGA (category group advertising) you are marketing to people who use mastering houses (e.g. Record Labels, Bands, Singer, Songwriters, and more). A more affordable direct approach than main page advertising.

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Genre Group advertising is a specific niche marketing option, giving you control to advertise directly to those in your genre. Anyone who is a part of your genre group will see 5 ads on rotation each month. This is the cheapest advertising option of the three, yet still yields high results compared to other social media advertising.

Prices and advertising presence are subject to availability and may be subject to change due to an expanding network of users.

Audialink Marketing Team:

Our dedicated marketing team will guide you on the best possible solution for your next advertising campaign. We have a number of professional design companies to create your next ad if you aren’t able to create the perfect advert yourselves.

Our ad campaigns are run over a one or three month period with a saving on the latter. Your ad campaign will launch on the first day of each calendar month, with the option to change or update your ad mid-month. Record labels and music artists will benefit from the potential to market two ads a month with the flexibility to create and alter your campaign as you see fit.  Conditions apply to all campaigns so please contact our team for a quote today.

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